Is Fortnite Down? How to find out

“Is Fortnite Down?” is a question we have all asked ourselves at some point in our time playing Fortnite Battle Royale. What do you do when your connection to the servers seems to be down or laggy? A good place to start is to check if there isn’t a problem with your local network. Check your wireless or wired  connection to your router. If you can get ot other sites but Fortnite is not working the the two most obvious answers to these problem are:

  1. The internet connection to the game servers is down.
  2. The servers themselves are down.

How to check you internet connection?

pings to fortnite
pings to fortnite

There are a few things you can do to check if your internet connection is down or if your connection to the epic games servers is having issues.

Check your fortnite ping . This site will show you the pings to all available fortnite servers. If you know which server region is your closest and this site is saying that your ping to that server is bad. Then there is obviously problems with your connection to that region.

If the ping seems ok then checking if the actual Fortnite servers are down is the next step. The site you are currently on is well known for checking server status. It does this by looking for social chatter about fortnite. It checks the official Fortnite twitter account amongst many others to try and get a sense of if there is something wrong with the servers.

Are Epic servers down
Are Epic servers down site also collates reports locally. So if you are having issues with Fortnite make sure

you hit that report button.

Where else can you check?

Epic used to have a great forum that kept players up to date on what was happening with Fortnite but recently they shut it down. We here at Fortnite Server Status think that was a mistake. It was a pretty vibrant little community and was a little more informative than